Lakewood has plenty to offer its residents. With a population of just under 155,000 people, this city is big enough to offer the conveniences of a metropolitan area but still small enough to have a strong sense of community. Residents have access to many amenities and social activities for the entire family.

Lakewood Homes for Sale

Lakewood Schools

Education is a priority in this area. Over 92 percent of the local population has a high school diploma, and just under 40 percent of the local population earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Of those with degrees in higher education, 39 percent studied in the Science and Engineering field, which was the most common field of study for Lakewood residents. Currently, there are 35 schools within the area, and they are part of the Jefferson County School District. Lakewood schools have some of the highest ratings for test scores, teaching quality, and graduation rates in the area. Jefferson County School District is also currently one of the highest rated districts in the state of Colorado.

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Lakewood Recreation & Parks

Residents of Lakewood have plenty of options. With access to many parks such as Bear Creek Lake Park, there is no excuse for boredom in this city. Bear Creek Lake Park offers gorgeous swimming beaches with sandy shores and panoramic views. This park provides horseback riding, bicycling, hiking, archery, and a myriad of other activities. Bear Creek Lake Park is well known for its cleanliness and high-quality maintenance. The staff is also courteous and friendly and always willing to help.

Lakewood Weather

Because of the relatively mild winter temperatures, residents are accustomed to the typical Colorado climate. Averaging nearly 250 days of sunshine per year, Lakewood is an ideal location to enjoy winter, snow sports and outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Average winter lows are approximately 19 degrees and average highs during the summer months are near 80 degrees.

Lakewood Local Amenities

Many residents are employed in Denver and merely commute to their places of employment. However, there are many job opportunities available locally as well. The Federal Government is the largest employer in the city currently, followed by Jefferson County School District. Conveniently located adjacent to Denver, residents have a myriad of travel options through Denver International Airport. The airport is also a source of many employment opportunities for those open to commuting.

Lakewood Real Estate

The local real estate market in this city has been growing extensively. The median home price near the end of 2017 was $360,000 and has increased to $420,000 at the start of August of 2018. With the growth in the market, the average time a home is listed on the market before sale is only 45 days. The rate of mortgages in default is nearly non-existent, providing a high level of pride of ownership within area communities. Primarily occupied by homeowners, there are still some rental homes available, as well. Lakewood homes carry a suburban feel with little to no rural property available. Properties are available in planned communities with some private, custom luxury homes, also.