Jefferson County has much to offer potential residents. From employment opportunities to a quality education system, This county provides everything needed to ensure a satisfying relocation. Home to nearly 575,000 residents, this county is large enough to provide a myriad of opportunities, but still offers a smalltown feel for those looking for a little more privacy. With a growth rate of over seven percent in the last five years, Jefferson County is a destination of choice for a variety of people.

Jefferson County Homes for Sale

Jefferson County Schools

This county takes education seriously. There are several colleges and universities within the county including both two-year and four-year campuses. There is also a variety of private schools and public schools for residents to choose from to select their ideal education situation. The most common higher education degree in 2017 was Massage Therapy, followed closely by Business Administration and Nursing. The in-state annual tuition for public school averages under $4,000, while private school averages approximately $22,000 per year. The wide range of education costs provides education opportunities for everyone.

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Jefferson County Recreation & Parks

Well known for the myriad of winter recreation activities, this county has 28 public parks that are comprised of over 54,000 acres. The county keeps public parkland in pristine condition through a variety of Land Stewardship programs. These programs allow volunteers to take a pride of ownership approach to caring for parks and trails. The parks provide plenty of socialization opportunities for local communities with scheduled events like movie showings, group yoga classes, and dance parties. Skiing, hiking, and fishing are also popular activities within Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Weather

This county has a unique climate. With less than the nation’s average of rain expected annually, but nearly double the nation’s average snowfall each year, Jefferson County is well known for its winter activities and sports. There are generally more than 245 days of sunshine making even the cold days in winter quite tolerable. Winter temperatures average a low of 19 degrees while summer temperatures have an expected high of only 89 degrees.

Jefferson County Local Amenities

There are many planned mountain communities throughout Jefferson County which provide clubhouses, pools, and fitness centers. The county also provides community centers which allow residents to plan events throughout the year, as well. With miles of trails, the county also offers an extensive area for walking, hiking, running, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Jefferson County is also home to many ski resorts and lodges providing access to stunning scenery and panoramic views.

Jefferson County Real Estate

Currently, the median property value in Jefferson County is approximately $360,000. Boasting a growth rate of nearly ten percent, the healthy real estate market shows the stability of the local economy and offers a hint of the opportunities Jefferson County has to offer. With a median household income of nearly $75,000, the employment offered locally supports the economy satisfactorily. Over 70 percent of the residents in Jefferson County are homeowners with the remainder being renters. There is also a nearly non-existent ratio of abandoned/foreclosed homes.