People have described Douglas County as being close yet far from everything. Approximately 335,299 residents enjoy the artistic blend of mountains and the foothills and plains that come to life in this county. If you value a peaceful way of life that is enhanced by breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, you may want to call Douglas County home. In fact, many people have decided to do just that and made this county one of the fastest growing in the nation.

Homes for Sale in Douglas County

Douglas County Communities

Cities in Douglas County are Aurora, Castle Pines, Littleton, Lone Tree, and Castle Rock. Towns are Sedalia, Larkspur, and Parker. Douglas County is home to 13 census-designated and three unincorporated communities.

Adjacent counties include Jefferson County to the west, Arapahoe County to the north, Elbert County to the east, and El Paso County to the south. There’s also Teller County to the southwest. The average commute time for residents is 27 minutes.

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Parks & Recreation in Douglas County

You can camp, hike and do just about any outdoor activity to relax your mind from the bustle of everyday city life. It boasts of Pike National Forest, Chatfield State Recreational Park, Roxborough and Castlewood Canyon State parks. Recreational trails are available and include the American Discovery Trail, Colorado Trail, Ridgeline Open Space Trail among others.

There’s occasional fishing, hiking and non-motorized boating recreation when the Reuter-Hess Reservoir fills up. The place is rich, full of pride and activity and is widely recognized for being a warm family-friendly community, diverse and of high quality life. It’s a beautiful place to raise a family and enjoy the enchanting landscape of Colorado.

Douglas County Schools

The quality of local schools makes Douglas County stand out even higher. This county has one of the best school districts in the state, Douglas County School District. This district is comprised of schools is Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, and Parker. There are nine high schools, eleven charter schools, and nine optional schools.

Douglas County Amenities

The county has amenities and facilities of a metropolitan area yet stays agreeably rural. Vast open spaces overlook the dynamic mountainous skyline, and occasional long winding roads complete the package beautifully.

It’s a county filled with budding industry and opportunity and easy access to all services and utilities. This growing popularity throughout the country has made the area experience a more consistent growth in real estate market. It’s a buyer’s market and businesses all over are itching to take advantage of the space. To help you make a smooth transition, many services and professionals are available in the local area.

Douglas County Real Estate

Rustic brick buildings are quite common and stand as a reminder of the areas’ old western history. This rich history of the county is housed and preserved at the Douglas County History Research Center. Many homes have amenities and schools within their immediate neighborhood which is convenient to both parents and students.

Most houses are modern-styled but a wide range of customized designs are popular. Ranch styled homes are also common especially close to rural locations, where space is plenty.

Several outstanding companies have recently moved to the area, which continue to create many job opportunities. This has attracted many residents, added more livability to the county, number of new development projects initiated and the total number of foreclosing filings decrease tremendously in the past one and a half years.