Welcome to our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how we sold 6809 San Juan Place Littleton, CO! 🏡

Selling a property involves more than meets the eye. It’s a process that requires attention to detail, strategic planning, and expert guidance. But fear not! Dream Realty is here to lead you through every step, making it seamless and stress-free.

In this “HOW WE SOLD” blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of selling 6809 San Juan Place. From staging to marketing, negotiations to closing, we’ll reveal the magic that happens behind closed doors. And guess what? This treatment is exclusively available through Dream Realty.

Front view of the home and how we sold at 6809 San Juan Place Littleton, CO 80128

When I first met Hank and Patsy, who were longtime residents of the Westlake Meadows neighborhood in Southwest Littleton, they told me they wanted to move to Texas to be closer to family and were in the process of working with a homebuilder down there.  

We set up a meeting to go over their specific needs.

Our initial meeting wasn’t just to go over their selling goals, but to understand their situation and create a timeline to coordinate with the purchase of their replacement home. Once they secured a home with the builder we were told they wouldn’t close until May of 2024 so we decided to plan to put the home on the market in the spring of 2024. We did an initial staging consultation and I gave them a list of recommendations of what they should focus on to get the highest return.

Staging and Listing Preparation

We met again in February and they decided that they would like to remove most of the art on the walls, since there was a lot of it and it was beautiful but tailored to a very specific taste.  We also decided to paint because of the holes that would be left behind. These sellers were so clean that Mrs. Seller had actually made a few of the stairs threadbare from fanatical vacuuming!  Because of the wear on the carpet and the age of it, we agreed that replacing the carpet was a good investment. They also decided not to spend money on updating the kitchen and left it for the buyers to do as they wished. This kept the price reasonable and limited their out-of-pocket expenses. 


I called two of my favorite contractors who always do a great job helping my sellers get their homes ready for the market at a great price and scheduled appointments to get bids for carpet, paint, and minor repairs. We had multiple meetings to pick out colors that I thought would sell the best. I really like what we ended up going with and my clients were really happy with the price, quality, and service they received. 

Second Staging Appointment

We met again after the contractor was done and put the finishing touches on the plan.  We discussed which furniture to keep for the photo shoot and showings and what they could sell since they didn’t want to move their furniture to Texas and they didn’t want to have to sell it all right before they closed. They also asked me to follow up with the contractors on some items to make sure everything was going smoothly and I was happy to assist. 

Professional Picture Day

When it was finally time for picture day, I arrived early and made sure the house was ready for photos.  I adjusted the lighting, moved items, and worked with my photographer to capture the best features of the home at just the right angles. 

Virtual Staging

It turned out that the sellers ended up selling most of their furniture before the photo shoot because that’s just the way the timing worked out. With the missing furniture,  I didn’t think the photos showcased the house as well as it would have with furniture, so I had the photos virtually staged.  The virtual staging really helped buyers see the potential of the rooms.

Pricing Precision

We had decided not to set a price until we had all the information we needed.  Coming out of the low sales data from the holiday season, we wanted to know the direction the market was going and not put too much weight on winter sales data. We looked closely at Littleton area inventory levels, the speed of the market, and interest rates, in addition to what was pending and what had sold in the area. I spoke with numerous agents who were currently selling similar properties to make sure I had up-to-date information. I always tell my clients that pricing a home isn’t just about what properties sold for in the past. This strategy was key to selling at the highest price, with the least amount of stress to my clients.

Marketing Magic

I had been marketing the home to potential buyers as a Coming Soon listing through internet advertising, calling potential buyers in the area and marketing to people that had expressed an interest in similar homes.  Once I had the photos I could go to work on my print advertising, internet advertising, and working on creating a buzz for when it hit the market. 

Open Houses

We held three separate Open Houses that we advertised extensively through online advertising, print advertising, and calling potential buyers.  We had tons of traffic and were very careful to make sure the house stayed clean and presentable with so many people taking a look.

How We Sold

We put the property under contract in 4 days. Our first buyer ended up backing out of the contract before doing an inspection because they had an issue with their financing. I called all the prospective buyers that showed interest and put it back under contract right away. We sold the house for the full asking price and the terms they were hoping for!


We worked together from October of 2023 to May of 2024- so not exactly the “Sold in 4 days!” agents typically advertise. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and we love it!

Call me if you would like to learn more about our staging services and marketing plan.  We’d love to help you get top dollar for your home!

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